…when the sewing machine came into popularity in the middle of the 19th century, it caused a boom in textile production. In Gloversville, New York, the main product of the textile industries was fine leather gloves. 20 years later, there were 116 glove and mitten manufacturers, and the Fonda Johnstown & Gloversville Railroad was constructed to haul their products out to market. What would it be like to experience the railroad 80 years later, in a simulator?

2 thoughts on “Fonda Johnstown & Gloversville

  1. Hello, i have a question. i’m trying to find a good freeware content, but i can’t find the one good for me that would work. Do you have any suggestion? Also, can you teach me how to install a route the correct way? I tried but it usually comes to the point where i had to reinstall the simulator. i would love to get a route like gloverville 🙂

    Bobby L. Cowart

    • Hello Bobby,

      The route comes with instructions on how to install. Just follow those and you should be fine.

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