…coal is a commodity both vital and heavy. Transporting it requires plenty of coordination between man and machine, and railroads are a key link in the chain. How does the coal-hauling experience look in Railworks?

One thought on “Norfolk Southern Coal District

  1. Nick, I know it’s over two years now since you’ve done this video, but if you’d like some back dated equipment to run on the MGA, pick up these files found in the Rail Works America file library
    1) MegaPack.zip
    2) PLE-3.zip
    3) PLE-2.zip
    4) PLE-1.zip
    5) PLE_CON.zip

    They represent P&LE equipment that was used on the MGA / Brownsville area. While the P&LE GP38 is not 100% correct as the model is based on a BNSF GP38-2 model, it has the general feel of the ex-Conrail GP38’s that served the P&LE until the line was sold to CSX.

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