How far has Trainz Railroad Simulator progressed in recent versions? We’ll take a look at this review…at the railyard!

8 thoughts on “Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019

  1. … thankz for this great educational vid … learned and inspired a lot …
    daveric (aka zsuda)

  2. Thank You for this Review!

    I don’t Normally spend time watching such videos, but I liked the music, the composition, the voice, it was a pleasant trip into the newest Trainz and it felt like it was a good balance between the length and the info, scenes shown, thank you!

  3. Welcome back Nick! You have been missed. Hoping to see more of your wonderful reviews as the year progesses.

  4. I love this review. I live really close to Strasburg and belong to the Strasburg Model Railroad Club. Is this available to purchase?

  5. The given music fits this very well, but if you’re interested in a very different feel to this video… try”Cachua” from the album “Villancicos y Danzas Criollas” by Hesperion XX / XXI. The driving rhythm seems to have been intended to be a musical description of a steam loco… and several hundred years before they were invented!

    Thanks for the neat video. I’m looking for a new train sim and this has my attention.

    • Thanks for the recommendation. I looked it up, and I do love the rhythm of it!

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