…around the turn of the century, hundreds of interurban railways began popping up around North America. In Canada, a prime example was the London & Port Stanley Railway, which saw plenty of traffic in its heyday. Can it effectively live on in Microsoft Train Simulator?

One thought on “London & Port Stanley Railway

  1. I was able to download the original LPS addon from Canadian Pacific Rail.
    My interest in the LPS grew, and I took my family on the present tourist line.
    I also visited the Elgin Museum, where I was invited to create a large screen operational display.
    For their local event “Train Days”, I created an “control stand”. It had: Foreward / Reverse, 7 step throttle, and air brake controller. This unit allowed children to actually “RUN” LPS train sim, on the big screen.
    It worked very well. I designed it using my 3D printer, and I made the operations as real as possible.

    I am going to obtain the latest version, my controller will work, with it.
    Thanks for all your efforts.
    Frank Monteith
    If you would like my diagrams, STL files etc. Just contact me.

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